Dear Customer,

The following is a basic guideline for a temporary power service. From the initial call, filling out paperwork and even disassembly: this simple guide will give you step-by-step instructions on how to do so. If you require a portable version of this you can download it below.

Yours Truly,

Ryan Cooke
VP, Field Operations
Temp Power Guide (PDF)

Customer Calls Electric Service Coordination Centre (ESCC) at 1(877)520-1355.

Service size to be predetermined Call Ryan: 1(604)835-0960
3 Phase -
Single Phase, 200A or Less -

Submit completed Electric Service Information form to
Electrical Service Information Form (PDF)

  • Visit requested site to gather site-spacific information.
  • Prepare preliminary design sketch
  • Meeting on site where "Power Shack" location will be decided and Required.

may collect a design deposit to cover engineering costs for those projects that are preliminary or are assessed as uncertain to progress to construction. In the event of project cancellation, incurred costs will be deducted from the deposit. Your representative will advise when the deposit is required. At times we may ask for a deposit on the long-lead time materials.

Is a Design Deposit Required?
  • Yes - Submit Design Deoposite to and move to next step.
  • No - Move to next step.

  • A design and cost estimate will be prepared after has received the completed form and, where applicable, the design deposit.
  • Costs will be quoted in writing, subject to obtaining required municipal and other approvals.
  • will outline our mutual responsibilities concerning the balance of the project.

  • 1. Request for Internal and external approvals
  • 2. Send quotation letter to customer

Review quotation letter, complete requirements and submit payment to .

BC Hydro receive's external approvals, permits and customer payment.

Install temporary power equipment as per design and Standards. (Pick up materials from if necessary, see below for details).

Civil Work

Procurement of Materials
  • Lead times for many electrical components are long, e.g., electrical cable – up to 3 months; transformers – up to 4 months.
  • For large projects, material acquisition will begin only after receiving payment for the project material deposit. Customers who cancel or defer a project will assume all incurred material procurement costs.

  • 1. Install metering transformers and cabinet supplied by
  • 2. Arrange for Electrical Inspector to approve and issue permit


Energize Customer Temporary Service.

Call at 1(877)520-1355.

Remove service and meter and dismantle the temporary construction.