At Berts Electric we are very concerned about our employee’s safety. Our Safety Committee is dedicated to improving safety using statistics and reporting from previous injuries to help prevent future ones. 100% WorkSafe Compliant and going above and beyond the WorkSafe guidelines we have received a “COR” Certification for safety. We continue to improve our programs on safety including state of the art safety training, “back-to-work” programs and new policies.
Healthy Lifestyle
There are a number of healthy lifestyle behaviors that can help to prevent illness or injury, such as:
  • good nutrition
  • maintaining fitness, strength and mobility
  • getting a sufficient amount of sleep
  • limiting intake of alcohol and other substances.
A range of environmental factors on a typical construction worksite can be barriers for workers to achieve a healthy lifestyle. For example, long work days, regular travel between worksites and limited on-site facilities (e.g. a kitchen) are common barriers for construction workers in maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet. That’s why at Berts Electric we are committed to a eight hour workday, little to no travel times between worksites and a heating appliance on all sites (where available).
We encourage our employees to maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising regularly.
Information on Healthy Living
Information on healthy living can be found at the Heart and Stroke Foundations Website. Some useful links are: