Richmond Christian School
In September 2008, the Middle School and Secondary School opened their doors. As a result, the Elementary School was able to expand and offer three classes per grade.
Quest University
Geo-thermal heating and cooling
The buildings of this phase of development can accommodate up to 650 students at any one time. There are currently five main student residences. All are built as condominiums, and all students are required to live in residence for the full four years of the undergraduate program. The campus is built on a pedestrian-friendly 60-acre (24.3 ha) site on a hilltop in Squamish, B.C.
Bodwell High School
North Vancouver
September 2003
After twelve years, the former campus in Kitsilano, Westside of Vancouver, was too small for the needs of our students. After a systematic search for a good location, we bought the land in the Harbourside Park in North Vancouver. The current campus was custom designed and completed in September 2003.

The south side of the school, extending from the glass curtain wall of the cafeteria, opens to an extensive courtyard connecting to the adjacent park, the waterfront walkway and the coastal shoreline.

The new campus is completely modern, with facilities that include a multipurpose gym, indoor swimming pool, a tennis court, a presentation theatre, music rooms, library, computer rooms, and the school ground is equipped with wireless internet capabilities.