What is it?
The Berts Electric Customer Account is an easy way to handle all of your electrical needs. From Industrial to a simple light socket this can be your outlet to quick and reliable service. As easy as navigating to this page you can set up a Service Order, review previous service and bills, and see how current service work is going with fast and discriptive updates. Even get updates emailed to your Email Account so you never miss a thing! Service work has never looked so easy to manage. Come see for yourself: Set up an account. Setting up information is quick and easy, you only share with us what you would like our service personel to know (eg. address, problem, etc). All information provided is stored on a Secure Server and is montored 24/7 for threts.

At no time for any reason will your information be given to any 3rd party and is strictly used to seve you better.
Your computer must accept cookies in order to save or access your account information.
Please visit our privacy policy for more information. To update your account simply login. Upon login you will have access to your online account profile. From there you can:
  • Place an Order for Service
  • Active Orders
    • Edit Job-Site Information
    • Update Details on Job
    • Cancel Service
    • Interact with Service Personnel
  • View Previous Orders
  • Edit Profile
If you have forgotten your password, click here and we will send it immediately to your login email address. If you are having difficulty logging in, here are some pointers:
  • Your Java City password is case-sensitive. Please check to be sure CapsLock is off.
  • If you have a number in your password, and are using an extended keyboard, please make sure NumLock is on.
  • Are your cookies enabled? If your computer does not allow cookies, you will be unable to use or access any account information.